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Electric immersion water boiler / Uttarakhand


This for me has to be one of the most essential items you need with you while travelling.
When travelling through far flung places finding the means of making your morning cup of tea/coffee can be difficult but thankfully that is all taken care of by this wonderful little device

I had been looking for one of these for ages as mentioned on the 'Essentials' section of my 'denizenreport.com' website.
I finally came across some for sale in a market in Varanasi in 2013 and it has been a constant travel companion since then. I find that I also use it while travelling through Europe on photographic assignments and it comes in very handy

You simply place the heating element directly into a mug of water, then connect it to a mains electricity supply and in a matter of minutes you have a cup of boiling water ready to made into a refreshing cup of tea or coffee

I came across these for sale in the main market of Dera Dun, the capital of Uttarakhand in Northern India.
The device measures 12.5cm and is perfect for packing with your other travel items. The device will need to be used with a mains travel adapter which can be readily found at most outdoor/travel supplies outlets

At present I have two of these available for purchase. Postage on multiple items is possible and will be calculated at checkout